Sunday, August 10, 2014

Common Bilberries

The season for bilberries has begun. 

common bilberry or blue whortleberry in the Bavarian Forest

Heidelbeeren im Bayrischen Wald

Heidelbeeren Makrofoto

Linked with Macro Monday.


  1. Schön! Der Lichteinfall gibt den Bildern was Besonderes!
    Als Kind musste ich mit auf Heidelbeersuche - fand ich nicht so toll, soweit ich mich erinnern kann. Aber die Beeren mag ich :)

  2. so these are edible no doubt? I'm not sure they're over here in Australia - at least I haven't seen or heard of them. I love the 'berries' generally, they're a taste treat

  3. Wonderful photos from the blue bilberries and so Yummy!
    Hugs Rivien

  4. Quite hard to find here but when I do I keep them a secret!

  5. They're delicious in a pie or a smoothie. I've heard they're good for your eyes.

  6. Common berries captured beautifully.

  7. They look amazing! I've never seen nor tried bilberries. Do they taste similar to blueberries?


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